Technologies of Kyowa

Innovation of new technologies

Back in 1960s, the poultry industry of Japan has greatly developed ever since the poultry farming technologies were introduced from Western countries. Now days, eggs are widely available to the consumers as super fresh eggs from the farm or as variety of processed products. Japan has a food culture of eating fresh raw eggs so the egg producers and dealers are strictly observing their quality management rules and Kyowa Machinery is supporting their management through our technologies.

The technologies requirements changes with the needs of the times. We will keep continue our innovation on our easy-to-use egg grading System or high-yield egg breaking system or high-tech detection System So that egg industries around the World can advance further.

Requirements in step with the times

Because of food safety and quality requirements, sanitary management becomes highly important at GP Center that is to safely distribute eggs to market. Our SKY series egg grader has capabilities for all the necessary features for GP center including some new technologies with sanitary managements. This has been proudly awarded by JSME (Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers) as Technology Contribution Award in 2008.

A good relationship between eggs and health

Eggs are not only widely available in the market but are also an essential part of a healthy well-rounded diet. Because eggs contain most of the nutrients that are indispensable of our life, they are called as "complete food." At Kyowa Machinery, we have innovated various technologies over the years to bring eggs safely to market.

This includes practical uses of computer-controlled weighing system before others, high-speed egg breaker with highest yield rate, and the world's first cleaning in place feature build into egg greader. Kyowa Machinery provides safe, secure and reliable solutions from japan to the egg industry all over the world.