Egg Grader

We know that the egg grader is the core system of a GP Center and various requirements from our customers. Our key concepts are "simple and easy-to-use". We are able to propose either integrated or separated lines of egg grading System with wide combination of optional equipment which perfectly suits to customer's needs.

Egg Breaker

The base technology of our egg breaker has been developed through a joint research with the biggest liquid egg producer in Japan. And so it has obtained the best durability and high-yield rate. We offer total solutions to meet user needs, including new development of related equipment and customization.

Egg Detector

Because of growing interest in food Safety, we are working on new technologies for detecting defectives on the eggs such as cracks or spots on the shell, or blood inside of the eggs which is not easy to detect in conventional visual inspections We offer Our detection system built with proprietary technologies we have developed over the years.


Our farm packer nicely accumulates the eggs from the farm and gently put into uniform trays. We offer our farm packer built with our long years of individual egg handling technologies and knowhow to secure stable operation which is criticaly important for the needs of the farmpackers.


Besides of egg washers, which is where we started our business, Kyowa Machinery offers a wide variety of equipment designed for modern egg industry. Lineups include both our original products as well as products from our cooperating manufacturers.