Abnormal Egg Detector BEX

Magnificent Improvement on Inspecting Precision


Inspect various abnormal eggs by near infrared light

Abnormal egg detector BEX-001 is highly accurate determination algorithm of pattern recognition method and drastically improved inspecting precision.

Unnecessary to modify the eggshell setting

No need to change setting value for each egg shell as eggshell color is determined automatically.(*1) Mixing of eggshell color and individual differences of dark&light color does not influence inspecting precision.(*2)
(*1)It does not correspond to the special eggshell color like blue egg.
(*2)Light intensity adjustment is required for extremely low transmitted light egg.

Simple operation, Touch panel & Color screen

No complicated operation and start by simply turn ON the switch of main box.Use of touch panel system with color screen makes easy to check and operate.

Sample layout


Detecting accuracy level
0 to 9 for each egg shell color
Processing capacity
Electric power
Single-Phase 100V 350W