FP series

Robustness,Stability & High operation


Superior egg collecting process 365 days

Along with the progress in poultry-farming industry, the standards of egg distribution has been evolved across the ages, and the automated process by farmpacker become crucial factor to deliver the fresh eggs to market. For FP series, we use every exertion build with the technology in our egg grading system, in order to carefully handle individual eggs and steadily transfer them into egg tray. FP series farmpaker is designed to meet customer's needs such as, good maintainability and robustness, minimizing the loss of operating efficiency, and handling eggs gently as possible.


FP-300 30,000eggs/h
FP-600 60,000eggs/h



FP-300 is a standard farmpacker with highly efficient 6 row process. The capacity is 30,000 eggs per hour and capable with good maintainability and robustness. Each system comes along with individual egg handling principle, continuous process achieved by transfer section, and smooth egg flow made by accumulator; and generate a synergistic contribution to customer's profit. A variety of lay-out options and hygienic stainless frame are available for FP-300.


FP-600 is a high-capacity farmpacker with highly efficient 12 row process. The capacity is 60,000 eggs per hour and capable with good maintainability, excellent robustness, and the other functional characteristic just as FP-300. This farmpacker will provide great solution to the egg-farms which require higher volume in daily operation. A variety of lay-out options and hygienic stainless frame are available for FP-600.


The accumulator is a critical process for maximizing performance of the farmpacker. For FP series, the accumulator requires minimum pushing pressure to make smooth flow of incoming eggs by combination use of oscillating mechanism and small-diameter rollers of the conveyer.


Uniforming the orientation of the eggs is important process in order to keep the freshness and quality of the eggs in tray. For FP series, we carry same orientating principle which has been designed for our egg graders, and brought high accuracy rate for this process.


FP series farmpacker has transferring function to carry every incoming eggs to packing process without waiting one row of 6 eggs completely lined up. This technology is based on our egg grader to handle individual eggs gently as possible, and minimizing the loss of efficiency caused by missing egg in the flow.

Tray Dispenser

An automatic tray dispenser, suitable with standard 30 eggs (5x6) plastic tray, is included as standard equipment for FP series farmpacker. The air chuck mechanism will perform stable and accurate motion towards the trays piled up on tray dispenser, and pull out a single tray accurately once in each cycle.

Sample layout


Processing speed
Electric power
3-Phase 200V 0.4kW / Single-Phase 100V 0.7kW
3-Phase 200V 0.4kW / Single-Phase 100V 0.9kW
Air compressor
Neither peripheral equipment nor optional equipment is included on the above specifications.Please contact our sales staff for details.