Pack Caser

Automatic Casing with High-Speed Robot


Maximum 4,000 pack/h Automatic Casing

Two units of articulated arm robot lift egg packs/cartons with suction pad, and automatically put the egg packs/cartons into cases.The casing process had been always done by people hands. PBR can be installed into existing packaging line and bring automation and labor saving to the line.


4,000 packs / h (Max.)


PBR can handle both regular pack and flat pack

PBR can handle various kinds and shapes of the egg packs/cartons.It is not necessary to change the robot head and suction pad when switching the egg packs/cartons and cases. Just simple setting on the touch panel guides the robot and robot starts performing accordingly.Besides, how the robot put the egg packs/cartons into box is flexibly and freely set.

Excellent Robustness & Durability“Case Reservation” brings more efficiency

PBR does not allow unnecessary case forming with “Case Reservation” function. The user can reserve how many cases need to be formed on the touch panel. After reaching the reserved number, PBR stops the case former to achieve highly efficient stock control.The setting can be performed on the touch panel equipped with flexible arm.

Sample layout


Processing speed
4,000 packs / h (Max.)
Electric power
Three-phase 200V 10kW
Air compressor
Neither peripheral equipment nor optional equipment is included on the above specifications.Please contact our sales staff for details.