The most popular egg breaker in japan


The Objective of the QK-S660 “Top Yield Rate”

QK-S660 is the world’s top high speed egg breaker in yield rate area. Japanese eating habits are unique, and there has been always a strong needs for the world’s top class quality for liquid eggs. KYOWA’s QK-S660 achieves high speed and high quality liquid egg production with the best yield rate and separation of yolk & white.

For Liquid Egg Quality

Liquid Egg is distributed in the food processing industry as whole egg and separate egg (egg yolk and white). The Egg has been being popular food as it has balanced nutrition and great protein, so egg is used for a variety of food recipe in the industry. QK-S660 supports this healthy eating habits by keeping the freshness of the eggs.




Easily Washable Crackers

The cracker unit is the most important component for the high-speed egg breaker. Our cracker unit has clean and ingenious architecture, and yet it perfectly handle for any size of eggs. The double action knife blades unsymmetrically apply toward egg-shell and break an egg open precisely as possible. Each cracker unit can be take off by a single touch action, so it can be easily dismounted for cleaning or replaced to spare unit with minimum time loss.

Whole and Separate Cups are Designed to Gently Handle the Eggs

The separate cup is used for separating egg yolk and albumen, and the whole cup is used for whole egg process. The synergetic effect of special round shape and unique cornering motion of the cups will maximize separation quality as well as draining efficiency. Special feature for QP series egg breaker is also available that is convertible between the separate cups and the whole cups in single system.

Highly Capable Egg Washer designed by Egg Washer Experts

Two types of egg washer is available, QW type has circulating water process, and KW type has higher hygienic capability that is using one-way drain out washing process. Either type of egg washer will gently yet thoroughly purify the dirt from egg-shell. The egg loading system come along with egg washer will gently transfer the eggs from trays to loading section.

Egg Loading will be more Freely with “Aqua Loader”

The aqua loader is unique egg loading solution with simple egg washing feature by using a water tank filled by sterile water and brushing unit. Natural buoyancy effect to the eggs in the water tank will make smooth transfer to conveyer so the loading operation is fully suitable with either plastic trays, paper mold trays, or others. The configuration of the aqua loader is much smaller than QW or KW type egg washers and it requires minimum installation space.

Auto Loader designed for Egg Breaker

Auto loader LX-60B can supply 60 eggs at a time and has perfect synchronism with the egg-breaking machine.Auto loader is made of stainless steel,so can be cleaned by running water.

Never let contaminants through with “Shell Chute”

Empty shells are removed with an air blow and pass out to the collecting conveyor.

Sample layout


Processing speed
Cracker unit
94unit(One touch connection )
Electric power
3-Phase 200V 1.6kW
Water supply
10L/min(for continuous use)
Air compressor