Dirty Egg Detector DEX

Improvement in Dirty Egg Detection


High Level Dirty Egg Detection for High Consumer Requirements

Four high-performance color cameras detect the egg yolk, manure, feather, rust, tint, etc. on the egg surface. For each egg, the cameras capture 8-images, and instantly perform the image recognition.
In the device, white LED light is used as a light source so that it can provide the best light quality for the dirty egg detection. A refurbished detecting algorithm is applied for the Image Recognition Technology, as a result, the machine successfully detects the slight dirt such as stain which had been a difficult-to-detect for the old detectors.

Different Egg Color does not influence Detection Performance

Automatic adjustment for White, Pink, Brown color of egg shell is equipped. Without concerning the egg shell color, tiny and pale dirt which is difficult for human eyes to realize would be detected by DEX at high accuracy.

“Real-Time Data” is available to check

It is possible to check the “Real-Time Data” of detection via monitoring screen. When DEX detects a dirty egg, the monitor shows “ X ” on the detected egg. Error sign shows up on the monitoring screen when a trouble occurs inside the device. The detecting accuracy level can be adjusted according to the customers’ preference.

Sample layout


Detecting accuracy level
0 to 9for each egg shell color
Processing capacity
Electric power
Single-Phase 100V 350W