JOB series

The machine opened a great history of egg packing process in Japan


Refined Reliability and Gentle Egg Handling

JOB achieves reliable, accurate, gentle and speedy operation. JOB was designed with CPU control system which was very first full automatic egg grading machine in the world. The machine has been continuing the improvement. JOB is the most standardized full automatic egg grader in Japan.

“Simple” is “Best”

With the simple base design, the control system has greatly improved by a new CPU application. The multi-packing function can handle a variety of packaging operations. Also, the machine height is low which enables the operators to communicate each other easily.


25,000 to 30,000eggs/h (Single)
50,000 to 60,000eggs/h (Dual or 12line)
90,000eggs/h (Dual of 6line and 12line)


High operability

The main CPU comes with easy-to-operate interface. And its operation speed and the capability have been improved better than ever before. A new feature coming along with the latest version of CPU enables operator to have access to processing data in past operation, and print it out by build-in laser printer.

Flexibly respond to various kind of packages

The graded eggs are allocated to preset packinglanes and packed into various kind of packages. The combination use of different types of dispenser and multi-packing feature enables operator to choose wide array of packaging style for customer's needs.

Respond to customer needs

This feature work behind while the grading system is running in operation, and the special brush made by antibacterial material maintains the cleanliness of carrier cup for incoming eggs.

High accuracy and reliability

The weighing section built with durable load cell units has an automatic correction feature to avoid negative effects from machine vibrations or incidental particles, and it yields a result of plus or minus 1% or less weight difference for each and every incoming eggs.

Sample layout


Processing speed
Electric power
3-Phase AC200V 24.5kW / Single-Phase AC100V 3.5kW
Hot water supply
Water supply
Air compressor