Message From Company Representative

We are the professional of
egg grading and egg breaking technology.

In 1959, we started production of an original egg washer and established Kyowa Machinery following year. Ever since the beginning of the company establishment, we uphold our principle as "making a good contribution to our society by building our technologies and supplying strong value to our customers", and so we devotedly try to create innovative technologies to egg industry. This creates our company history of receiving ideas and thoughts from our customers and poured our passion into our products. I am sincerely proud of our footstep and obliged to our customers and partners who have supported our business over the years.

Kyowa machinery has over 55 years of history background of developing original technologies and authentic products to support variety of applications in egg industry. We keep applying ourselves closely to our customer's needs so that we are able to promise to achieve our best to support your business in egg industry.